Want to succeed with your New Year's resolutions this year?  Then make your goals SMART!

2014 Beach  Be as Specific as possible in defining your goal.  Not just "be   healthy," or "eat better" but how?  What does it look like                 exactly?  

  Make it Measurable.  This will help you see when you make           progress, are you meeting  your goals?  Eating a certain number     of vegetables a day?  Doing one more push-up this week?  

  Have goals that are Attainable.  Set yourself up for success, not     failure.  What do you have the resources to accomplish?  You       know yourself best in this regard.  

  Be Realistic about what you can do.  

And finally, keep your goals Time-bound.  Give yourself deadlines for making progress, and maybe even have rewards to motivate yourself.  

In summary, break down your goals to smaller measurable steps that can be done within a limited time.  This will help you to achieve them and see your successes along the way.  Best wishes and Happy New Year!